My general issue is RuneScape gold that the blockyness, in my opinion it's a art style for any game from NES and SNES games. That is my feedback, make the characters more around and lose the Minecraft images, you can agree with me or disagree, that is your choice, you submitted a movie of your job and probably desired feedback, so that is mine, take it or leave it. It'll be amusing when I get downvoted, since I'm saying something negative, which can be still ON-TOPIC (as how Reddit upvote/downvote system works... not downvoting comments you personally don't enjoy, because you're retarded).Game still runs on a.6s tick engine, so all of this is occurring up to 300ms added latency (along with whatever real latency you have into the servers).Game began as a rewind of RS3 back to 2007, and only is since Jagex's hand has been forced by the huge popularity of a personal server running older versions of runescape.Significantly more popular than RS3 - given the choice to play runescape less 10 years of updates from Jagex, a bulk took it. Multiple Jmods fired under questionable conditions - we dont know all the details but the neighborhood realised there clearly was hacking, ddosing, promoting of accounts and gold (Mod Jed) and bugs inserted to runescape and discharged for gain (Mod Reach).

Game-breaking bugs (or design decisions) regular enough that neighborhood has produced a meme,"Drama Calendar," which shows each month out of the year where massive scandal happened during this month. Funny ones in recent memory: an update to the manner pickpocketing worked led in runescape players being able to drop a product to the floor to create piles of maximum cash (2.1 billion gold). People were dropping stacks of max cash. Servers needed to be rolled back, leading to almost any progress runescape players made at the time being lost.

A ground spawn for the best weapon in runescape (normally an extremely rare fall from a supervisor ) was accidentally added to the ground with an unrelated upgrade. Management would push through the release of buy RS gold a new game and then get discouraged and cancel it since it did not get the numbers RS was becoming.