This will be my next year not buying Madden nfl 20 coins. I'm a football fan and it sucks when the games fall not getting into the thick of it. However, like this man said, about November December when everybody is whining about how madden sucks and the way they won't purchase Madden again, I feel vindicated. And I spend to much money on mut. And just closed on my house. I love soccer, so I plugged into the 360 and have been enjoying NCAA football. Watching this video I think I'm gont buy a ps2 and take my 60 and find some soccer matches that are older. I remember the pure joy they brought me when I was a boy. Before auction bots, equalizers, shit engines, and microtransactions.

Microtransactions have destroyed games and it should be illigal. Its predatory and idle. Our only hope is that another programmer will have a shot at the nfl license. At the day's end that I understand we want to compete at a level that is high so why don't you spend some money on mut to be the best? Wrong. Because while you buy pack after pack never getting the Madden participant you wanted, madden is just giving packs and the best Madden players to all the twitch streamers and youtubers. That alone should be illigal. Corporate bias, and false advertising.For anybody who is in the fencing and keeps buying these matches because, let us face it, it is your sole soccer option. Just know that it feels fantastic understanding you didn't give any of your cash to this ahit show of a company. Then you get to find online and laugh with the people that will be pissed away in two months.

Can you provide us some feedback on how he performs for you, I have a maxed out Steve Young but I am kind of getting tired of him ( just kind of tired of utilizing mobile QBs generally ) Jimmy not having a power up is exactly what stops me from becoming him too. I do have his 87 ovr one but I do not use it. Now he's playing good. I am running X variable fearless Because it easy to activate. Then for ability one I forget the title but he gets better death precision on like cheap Madden 20 coins slants drags and any other interior route. Sorry at work now trying to recall the titles. As I said sorry forgot the name lol for skill two I have the pocket passing precision ability.